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Ruffles: They’re feminine, fashionable and just plain fun to wear. But we’re the first to admit they can be kinda intimidating (since toddler chic isn’t quite what we’re going for). Here, six tips for effortlessly working ruffles into your wardrobe rotation (while still looking like the grown lady you are).

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Skip the Statement Jewelry

Since ruffles are more or less an accessory on their own, necklaces and bangles are overkill. Instead, go minimal with a delicate chain or understated studs at most.

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Strike a Balance

Ruffles often toe the line between fashion-forward and girly girl, but a great way to keep your look mature on an average day is to choose pieces with opposing vibes. For example, pair a ruffled blouse with rustic denim or a flouncy skirt with menswear-inspired slides.

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Look for Them In Unexpected Pieces

Like the hem of your pants. It’s surprising, it’s easy and it’s so chic. Just be sure to keep the rest of the look sophisticated. Bookend a statement piece like this with heeled booties and a silk blouse.

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Whether it's a lightweight blouse or a sturdy button-down, make sure the ruffles stand strong. Limp frills can end up looking inexpensive or immature.

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Go for Non-Traditional Materials

Sweatshirts, for instance, are a super-cool, super-comfortable way to rock the trend. It simultaneously classes up your crewneck and brings the ruffle down to earth. Outside the house, wear skinny jeans. Inside, pants are optional.

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When in Doubt, Keep It Simple

While we’re suckers for good drama, not all ruffles have to be face-framing or Flamenco-dance inducing. Short, unassuming ruffles with neutral bottoms are a subtle and classy way to get on board.

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