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Let’s face it: Pulling off the season’s biggest trends is no easy feat. (Even though your favorite fashion bloggers make it look like a piece of cake, darn them.) Lucky for you, we’ve partnered with the best of them—Monroe Steele and Kia Marie—to walk you through three of the trickier trends. Here’s hoping this makes the jump into fall fashion less of a hurdle and more of a baby step.

statement blazer

Statement Blazers

Good news: Blazers are in, and so are totally luxe materials. To wear a combo of the two without feeling ridiculous, Kia Marie rocks a super-casual getup underneath—a laid-back graphic tee and a favorite pair of jeans topped with a glitzy jacket. Hint: Keep the colors minimal, too. Black and white works every time.

red dress

Bold Color

You love the idea of wearing standout hues this fall, but truthfully, they can feel like a huge commitment. Have no fear, because the trick here lies in layers. Throw a sleek moto jacket over your shoulders and slip into black booties. These matching elements instantly tone down the outfit in a way that feels on trend without being too in your face.

high shine pants

High-Shine Pants

The best way rock it? Go monochrome. It’s all about optical illusions, folks. When you’re dressed in head-to-toe black (as one does), you’re taking away one element of shock factor: the color. Now it’s all about that luxe texture, and the outfit is instantly more palatable to the untrained-in-fashion eye.

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