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While we absolutely love scouring the runway for fall trends to try, sometimes our wallet just isn’ton the same page. The good news? Fall fashion is all about how you put a look together, not what you buy to get there. Try these six tips to upgrade your wardrobe for autumn ’16.

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1. jacket drape chi fall fashion staples 11.2

Drape Your JACKET

Has any trend in recent years done more for effortless sophistication than a jacket draped over the shoulders? We’d be hard-pressed to name a quicker method for transforming last year’s blazer into this year’s emblem of casual elegance.

2. diy jeans fall fashion staples 11.2
Collage Vintage

Upgrade Your Old Jeans

Breathe new life into your jeans by cutting an old-school pair. For a $0 DIY upgrade, simply snip off the hems. Suddenly, you’re trending 2016.

3. mix and match fall fashion staples 11.2

Mix and Match New Silhouettes

You already own an oversize sweater and a flowy, feminine skirt. Well, now it’s time to pair them together to tap into the super on-trend oversize silhouette vibe.

4. matchy matchy fall fashion staples 11.2

Get Matchy Matchy

Whether it’s all black or head-to-toe oxblood (yes, girl), showing up in one color this season is totally acceptable and, dare we say, cool.

5. white tee fall fashion staples 11.2

Play Around with Your White T-Shirt

Get some use out of that baby! Worn with a blazer and scarf or even layered under a tank, you can get some serious mileage out of a tee that's already in your closet.

chi fall fashion staples half tuck sweater 11.2
Timur Emek/Getty Images

Try the Half Tuck

You can dabble in this trend with just about anything. Tees, cashmere sweaters, button-downs—it works with all. It’s the ideal way to compromise when you think a full-on tuck would be too formal, but no tuck at all doesn’t seem quite right, either.

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