The Brimmed Felt Hat Is Everything and Here’s How to Wear It

They’re not just for the cliché hipster any more: The felt hat is the go-to hat for Angeleno women who want to turn any old outfit into a thought-out look. And they’re available at all price points and in a style (tall crown, wide brim, narrow brim, etc.) to suit everyone. Here are ten we love and how to wear them. 



Pair it with a color-coordinated poncho for bohemian chic.

Get the look: Janessa Leone hat ($188); Ghost Dancer cape ($850)


A high-brim version worn straight across with statement braids will instantly make you feel all #queen.

Get the look: Albertus Swanepoel hat ($285)



A lightweight top works even in cold weather when you pair it with a rounded felt topper.

Get the look: Ecote hat ($30); Natalie Martin shirt ($117)


Ditto your linen smock dress.

Get the look: Clyde hat ($330); Rachel Craven cocoon dress ($420) and jacket ($320)

Modern Legacy


No one will think you’re wearing your nightie out on the town if you pair a slip dress with a fedora. And with sunglasses, you’re so mysterious.

Get the look: Goorin Bros. hat ($180); Equipment slip dress ($258)

Casual But Not Cowboy

Of course the brimmed wool hat goes with your favorite denim top.

Get the look: Nick Fouquet hat ($1,125); Chloe top ($595)

Echo Park Craft Fair / Tumblr

Color Blocked

When pairing with your winter coat, think outside the traditional rules of matching. Try olive green with charcoal, navy blue with claret, or black with white.

Get the look: Makins Hats ($180); Kristen Blake wool coat ($129)

Alhambra Style


A wide brim and a pleated skirt are just flapper-cute.

Get the look: Maison Michel hat ($852); J. Crew skirt ($168)

Instant Outfit

Or just throw on the hat over your usual sweater and jeans. There, now you have style.

Get the look: Hat Attack fedora ($175); Everlane sweater ($100); Blank Denim jeans ($88)

Gladys Tamez

Go Gaga

The pastel hat worn by Stefani Germanotta during her current tour was made by an L.A.-based hatmaker. To the songbird’s skin-flattering pastels we say, pur-dy.

Get the look: Gladys Tamez hat ($680); Zara blazer ($70)