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Calling all curvy ladies who prefer the security blanket that is a bra in bed. Are you hitting the hay in whatever you happened to wear to work that day? Are you twisting and tugging as you’re tossing and turning? Yeah, you might want to consider a cooler, looser option strictly for nighttime. We chatted up the folks over at Brayola to get specific tips on choosing a better bra to sleep in. 

Pick a soft, breathable fabric. Cotton is your best friend in this case, but a lightweight nylon also works. As long as the fabric keeps things cool and won’t trap moisture in your cleavage, you’ll sleep much sounder. 

Avoid structure and wires. Besides being uncomfortable, underwire can cut off circulation and cause skin chafing. Go for wireless, pull-on styles instead, like something from Bali. Think of it like a sports bra…that you’d never actually run in.

Go a size up. A looser bra will not only still keep breasts in place but it will also allow blood and lymphatic fluid to flow freely. Too much compression and you’re risking lymphatic issues. (Although there is no evidence directly linking nightly bra-wearing to health problems, it is recommended not to sleep in anything too tight.)

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