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Thanks to companies like Citizen that weave good practice with watches, it’s easier than ever to be environmentally conscious these days. Take it from Angela Lindvall and Kathryn Kellogg—two guiding lights in modern-day sustainability. We tapped them for insights into how they sparked a passion for the environment and how they’ve seen it through. Read on for their tips on how to weave eco-conscious and sustainable practices into your everyday life.

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On Becoming an Advocate

Model and environmental activist Angela Lindvall grew up a nature lover, but it wasn’t until moving to New York City at 17 to pursue her modeling career that she felt compelled to advocate for it. “That was when I became so aware of how much we waste and pollute,” she says. “I soon started to discover organizations, scientists, visionaries and leaders who had solutions that brought me hope. I wanted the whole world to know about this, which is why I started The Collage Foundation. It no longer exists, but I like to know that we helped bring a new viewpoint to sustainability and mainstream.”

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On Finding a Balance

In addition to caring for her two sons (her most important job), Angela teaches yoga two mornings a week, works on Peace Begins In Me—her platform for workshops, circles and retreats—and spends a good deal of time keeping up her beautiful home and yard. She’s also no stranger to traveling for fashion jobs and events.

Needless to say, finding balance is crucial, and she embraces sustainable technology that helps her get the job done well. “My Citizen Eco-Drive watch is one way that I can balance an eco-friendly practice and stay productive. Time management is so important as a mom with a busy schedule. It reminds me to invest my time into what is most important to me and what I value most. And since Citizen Eco-Drive watches are light-powered, they never need a battery.”

Because Citizen Eco-Drive watches use light as a power source (artificial, natural and even dim light), they never require a battery replacement, which means you’re not adding to the landfills.

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On Doing Her Part Today

Angela has grown from her days as a young model running a foundation to a mother who fights for what’s right. To her, that means being someone who stands up for what she believes in andsupporting the initiatives of companies whose values mirror her own. Take Citizen, for example: “I was able to immediately connect with the brand and its eco-friendly initiatives. We both aim to create a better environment for all, and working together allows us to get that message out further than we ever could on our own,” says Angela. 

The brand’s Get a Light, Give a Light program was also a big draw for her. When you make a purchase on, you not only receive a free MPOWERD Luci EMRG solar-powered light, but Citizen also donates a matching light to those in need. The lights are distributed to those impacted by natural disasters in the U.S.

“Helping people the way Citizen has is definitely incredible, but to incorporate the environmental conversation into it is even better,” says Angela. “It’s a perfect synergy of brands coming together, along with myself, to help those in need after natural disasters, when people need support the most.”

Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive Watch

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On Living Authentically

Kathryn Kellogg is the founder of Going Zero Waste, a lifestyle website that breaks eco-friendly living down into a simple step-by-step process. She’s also the author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste, and the spokesperson for plastic-free living for National Geographic.

All this work has allowed Kathryn to create her ideal sustainable lifestyle, but the journey hasn’t been without its setbacks. Luckily, they’ve been trumped by positive changes that support her happiness and mission. “I have made a lot of mistakes in the past. I love my job and didn’t realize you could burn out doing something you love. When burnout hit last year, it was a wake-up call. I finally took some time to build routines and practices to make sure I could continue this work,” she says.

“Every morning I wake up and make a cup of loose leaf tea (most tea bags are made from plastic) and really use that time to center and prepare myself for the day. Then I head up to my office and write before I check email. My creativity is best first thing in the morning, so I make sure to have an hour or two of pure creative time.”

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On Sustainable Healthy Hacks

“After you’ve been living an eco-friendly lifestyle for a while, you don’t even realize you’re doing anything different…it’s just everyday living. My life doesn’t look drastically different than others. I’ve just made slight adjustments that make it a bit more eco-friendly,” says Kathryn. 

Her advice? “Instead of ordering takeout every day, can you prep a little bit at home to avoid unnecessary packaging waste? Can you make a cup of coffee at home instead of getting it to go? If not, can you bring your own thermos to the café? What about grabbing a reusable water bottle before you head out the door?

“And, I have to mention meal prepping. I don’t do a lot—I just take one to two hours to chop veggies, prepared a grain and a protein and make one snack (typically hummus) and then I’m set for the week. This ensures that I am fed and have access to easy plant-based meals.”

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On Staying Productive

Kathryn sets herself up for daily success by setting boundaries and leaning into tried-and-true habits. “The number one thing that has made the biggest difference for me was creating a defined working space. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to check the time on my phone and then been sucked into email and Instagram. So having a watch—much like an actual paper calendar—allows me to avoid being sucked in.”

But even in those moments, Kathryn is always thinking consciously. As for Citizen watches, “I like supporting sustainable, eco-friendly brands…and I love that it doesn’t require a battery change. I take a really holistic viewpoint of zero-waste, eco-friendly living. When I talk about waste, it’s not only about the environment but also about ourselves. Time is our most valuable and nonrenewable resource.”

Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive Watch