This Super-Easy DIY Will Instantly Upgrade a Pair of Plain Pumps

Story of our life: Just when we're itching for a new pair of shoes, our bank account suddenly won’t allow it. Stop torturing yourself with online window-shopping and instead try this quick DIY. It’ll breathe new life into your most basic heels and make you feel like you’re stepping into a brand-new shoe.

What You Need:
 - Painter’s tape
 - White acrylic paint
 - Gold acrylic paint
 - A pair of leather or faux leather pumps

Step 1: Use the tape to section off the portion of the shoe you want to paint.

Step 2: Start with the white paint and coat the toe of each shoe so that the leather’s natural color is completely covered.

Step 3: Once the white paint is completely dry, go over the same area with the gold. Set the shoes aside to dry.

Peel the tape off and voilà: Mama’s got a brand-new pair of shoes. (Kind of.)

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth