A Pretty Life-Changing Way to Clean the Inside of Your Purse

Without shaking it upside down like a crazy person

My God, we know we throw a lot of junk in our bags, but where do the crumbs of seemingly 1,000 crushed biscottis even come from? Are they breeding in there? When was the last time we even ate biscotti?

Instead of going through the old dump-everything-on-the-counter (then sweep-for-days) ritual, here’s an easy trick to cleaning the inside of your purse--that doesn't create more of a mess in the process.

What you need: A lint roller

What you do: Take out the big stuff (i.e., your wallet, keys, makeup bag, notebook, umbrella, etc.). Rub the lint roller around the interior of your bag till it’s debris-free to your liking.

That’s it? Yup. Lint rollers are lifesavers on your suitcase, gym bag, laptop case, Christmas tree skirt….anything really. It’s easy as pie. Or biscotti. Mmmm…now we want biscotti.