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We all have those mornings when we robotically pull out the same, uninspired outfit from our closet. And while it’s totally fine to wear pieces you love on repeat (hello, uniform dressing), sometimes we want to mix things up (but not in a way that involves buying a whole new set of clothes). So we were all ears when our friends at Finery (the wardrobe-organizing app we love) told us that the VP of creative projects for Nordstrom, Olivia Kim, might have found the ultimate solution.

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Her Answer? Play Dress-Up

That’s right. It turns out that channeling your inner six-year-old and playing pretend in your very own wardrobe is a great way to spark new, creative dressing. Putting together fun combinations of clothes, shoes and accessories with abandon like you did when you were little is still a great technique to use today, and Kim has some tips for how to do it.

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Start Small with Unique and Playful Detailing

You can still have some fun with your wardrobe even if you’re not usually the most adventurous dresser. Pick out a piece of clothing that has embellishments (like a sweatshirt with giant pearls or a button-up with an oversize collar), then head over to your jewelry box. Pair your most exaggerated piece of costume jewelry with the outfit for an eye-catching statement look you might not normally have thought to wear.

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Don’t Let the Weather Stop You

Maybe skip the satin heels that day, but otherwise, don’t let a dark and dreary day resign you to wearing a dark and dreary outfit. Instead of basic jeans and a plain top, toss on a party dress that brightens your day, and wear it with your least-boring shoes will that still keep your toes from getting wet. Layer as needed.

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Embrace All the Colors of the Rainbow

Kim especially encourages wearing color in bold fabrics like faux-fur or in exaggerated shapes. Even something as simple as pairing a bright yellow sweater with hot pink shoes will do the trick. But a good rule of thumb is: If your pint-sized self would have loved it, you should wear it.

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Never Be Afraid to Wear Your Favorite Dress

You can leave the tulle skirt and tiara to those under ten, but a gorgeous dress that makes you feel like royalty shouldn’t be saved for special occasions. If it’s a little fancy, pull on a pair of simple black boots or sneakers to keep it wearable, and consider throwing on a showy pair of socks.

Check out Kim’s digital wardrobe on Finery to shop her looks and find even more style inspiration to break you out of the fashion rut.

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