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There comes a day--in fact, it may have already happened--when you find yourself wearing the same pants four days a week. While we’re all in favor of getting the most out of our clothing investments, we have a feeling that this pattern isn’t about your fiduciary wardrobe duties. You’re in a style rut. Here’s a seven-step program to fix it.

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Step Away from the Denim

And into actual pants. For those who routinely reach for skinny jeans, might we suggest a culotte or wide-leg pant? And if you still can’t stomach it, a denim culotte or pair of flares? The best part about this is that a fresh silhouette will prompt you to acknowledge different proportions and possibly choose different tops to pair with your wider-leg bottoms. 


Think in Layers

Did you know that the employees at Madewell are actually required to wear a least three items of clothing? That means you can never stop at just a shirt and pants (boring)--you must always include an accessory. The reasoning? Layers add interest to an outfit and allow you to be more original in your styling. Start small with a simple bandana necktie atop your off-the-shoulder blouse.


Try a Monochromatic Look (Other Than Black or White)

Now this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your safety color. But trying a head-to-toe blush or orangey-red ensemble may give you a whole new perspective--plus, garner a couple new compliments. Try this out with a dress and blazer set, or create your own combo with items you already have in your closet.


Don’t Waste Your Weekends

It’s easy to fall back on your Levi’s and sweats, but truth be told, that’s doing nothing for your creative juices. Use the weekends to take extra time to think about your outfit choices. Then test-drive them. We promise, a shift dress is as breezy and comfortable as those joggers.


Add Some Structure to Your Handbag

The fastest way to look more put together? A lady bag. Your tote may be able to hold everything but the kitchen sink, however it’s not always the most fashion-forward option. Instead, give the slouchy bag a rest and reach for a top-handle purse that doesn’t crumble when you place it on your desk. 


Learn to Love A Sneaker with Skirts

Today it’s more than acceptable than ever to wear flats each day of the week. And that goes double for anything sporty. If your heel addiction has reached Carrie Bradshaw heights, try switching out the stilettos for a fresh white sneaker.

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Grab a Pair of Oversize Earrings

If you take anything away from this list, we hope it’s that dangling earrings are your when-all-else-fails, foolproof way to punch up any outfit. (They’re also making a huge comeback and everyone should get on board regardless.) 

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