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Grace Atwood

Meet the lifestyle blogger who's an expert in social media marketing

It should comes as no surprise that Grace Atwood’s Cape Cod upbringing would foster a love of nautical stripes. But it wasn’t until launching her blog, TheStripe (formerly Stripes & Sequins), in 2010 that she found a way to share that love with the world. After spending years specializing in social media for brands like BaubleBar and Procter & Gamble, Atwood thought it was time to use that knowledge to start her own brand.

TheStripe brings together her passions for styling, beauty, home decor and travel all in one lovely, digital place. “I started it as a creative outlet, but now I do it full-time, which is pretty exciting!”

On the shopping tip she always follows. “If you find something you really love, buy it in every color!”

On her perfect day in NYC. “My perfect day in New York City would involve lots of coffee, lots of walking, lots of good food, a few museums and as much art as I can squeeze in…ideally seeing friends along the way! And then, since this is my perfect day, we’d go somewhere cozy for wine or cocktails. New York has so many great little wine bars. I love sitting by the fire at The Marlton, or back in my neighborhood (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) I love Loosie RougeMaison Premiere and D.O.C. Wine Bar.”

On something no one knows about her. “I’m a massive TV addict. Like, I watch way too much TV. If it’s about lawyers, spies or the government, I probably watch it.”

On the best advice she’s ever received. “Work hard and be kind. If you do both of those things, genuinely, it will be hard to fail!”