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how the finery app can help you get dressed for the holiays
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Getting dressed for holiday parties can feel just as stressful as figuring out what to wear to a job interview or to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the very first time. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than 66 percent of women report feeling stressed before dressing for a holiday event. But it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, guys. 

Let us introduce you to Finery, a wardrobe organizing app that keeps a digital record of all your clothing, shoe and accessory purchases (which it collects via email receipts and ecommerce accounts without your having to lift a finger). We like to think of it as a modern day Clueless closet. You know, the digital program Cher Horowitz used to try on different outfits every day? Yeah, that exists IRL...and your 13-year-old self is officially freaking out.

See, because the app keeps a record of everything you've ever purchased, you can treat it like an encyclopedia of what you already own, and pick out outfits any time, anywhere. And, unlike you, it remembers those cool little gems you snagged years ago, and now have buried in the back of your closet, just waiting to be rediscovered. 

Now let's talk about that holiday party. Say you want to wear something festive, sparkly and just a hair fancy. Fire up Finery and search for black dresses. The app might then pull up a satin midi, your favorite work sheath, a sequin LBD you wore for New Year's three years ago and a silk slip dress. Pick the sequins, then you're ready to move onto shoes. Finery smartly informs you there's a chance of light snow tonight, so you search through your selection of leather boots instead of sky-high heels and settle on a silver ankle booty. Now you scroll through your jewelry (simple studs and a stack of bangles should do the trick) and clutches (could that red drawstring bag work here? Aha, it does!) and voilà! All that's left to do is go home and actually put the clothes on your body.

Now, with outfit planning off your plate, you can focus on what really matters. Like what on earth you’re going to gift your notoriously picky mom this year.

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