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Finally, Theres a Department Store Thats As High-Tech As You Are
Your post-makeover selfie is waiting.

You’re smart. Your world is smart. Every morning you turn on your smart coffeemaker with your smartphone and, as your fair-trade brews, you stream the latest smart-girl podcast.

So it only makes sense that you want to shop a smart store. 

Maybe it’s the expansive floors of Neiman Marcus Fort Worth filled with cult faves Dolce & Gabbana (mmm, pineapple shift dress) and Libertine (need you, boyfriend blazer). Or the sprawling expanded shoe and handbag departments. Or the experiential makeup department, where cameras in the mirrors record the techniques used in your makeover—and then staffers email the footage to you so you can re-create the look at home.

There’s also a place to video your outfit and then share it with friends. Oh, and in the dressing room, you can choose what music plays via an app on your phone.

So much user-friendly tech and so many luxe labels—now that’s what we call smart shopping.

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