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“Never wear these shoes again!” “Throw that out of your closet forever!” Thanks for the advice, peanut gallery. We’re grown-ass women, and we can wear whatever we want. That’s why you’ll often find us disregarding these ten common fashion “rules.”

fashion rules double denim

You Can’t Do Denim on denim

Thou shalt not fear the Canadian tuxedo. 

fashion rules black navy

Wearing black and blue is a no-no

So you don’t want to look like this über-chic lady?

fashion rules mixed metal

Never mix gold and silver jewelry

Actually, mixing metals is modern. Matchy-matchy is not.

White Jeans with Cardigan

No white after Labor Day

Hate to say we told ya so.

fashion rules mixed prints
Diego Zuko

Don’t wear more than one print

Look at how big she’s smiling, then tell us mixing prints is a bad idea. 

fashion rules maxi
Elena Braghieri

Maxi dresses overwhelm a petite frame

If you want to swath your small self in drapey printed fabrics, by all means, do it. 

fashion rules plus

If you’re plus size, you should stick to looser-fitting clothes

Au contraire. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.


Take one accessory off before leaving the house

Coco Chanel might’ve thought less is more, but Iris Apfel doesn't. If you're a jubilant maximalist, so be it.


Sneakers belong in a gym

Just think of all the missed shirtdress opportunities.


Every woman must own a trench coat

Listen up: You don’t have to have anything in your wardrobe. A windowpane duster more your style? Awesome.

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