You’ll Be Seeing These 3 Necklines *Everywhere* This Fall

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The rise of the video call for dinner dates, birthday parties, work meetings and even attending class means there are more eyes focused on our necklines than ever before. Cut to us furiously figuring out which details are most flattering for our body shape, how low-cut we can actually go for a Zoom chat and which details are most on-trend at this very moment. For fall 2020, there are three top contenders for trendiest neckline and if you haven’t already spotted them in the wild (or on Instagram), then it’s only a matter of time. Here, three super-flattering, super-trendy necklines to wear ASAP.

Fall’s Biggest Denim Trend *Might* Get You to Ditch Your Sweatpants (at Least for a Day)

square neck trend
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1. square Neck

This Victorian-era cut has been steadily growing in popularity since late 2019, but we predict it will only become more popular as we head toward 2021. The super-flattering silhouette sets a gorgeous frame for your collarbone and shows off plenty of skin without exposing much cleavage (yes, even for those with an ample bosom) making it the type of top you can wear for work video calls and that Zoom date you have planned for Friday night—without needing a quick change in between.

How to Style It

Shirts with this neckline tend to also have puffy sleeves or a flowy fit throughout the upper half of the bodice. If this is the case, stick to pants with a bit of volume (to avoid looking like a candy apple on a stick), like a pair of straight- or wide-leg jeans. If it’s a dress you’re rocking, stick to pointy-toe flats or minimalist sandals for midi lengths or longer and fitted sock boots or a classic riding boots if you’re trying a minidress. As for jewelry? Add a pair of long statement earrings or a duo of delicate necklaces that hit somewhere between choker length and just above the fabric of your top.

statement collar trend
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2. statement Collar

This loud trend can be broken down into two main categories: ‘70s lapels and Peter Pan collars. The Disco-era version is typically part of a button-down and comes to a sharp point on either side. The Peter Pan cut, on the other hand, is a bit more playful, featuring huge lacey bibs (although there are versions done in denim, linen and other not-so-frilly fabrics), some with a crewneck and others fashioned into more of a V-neck.

How to Style It

For the super-sharp ‘70s collar, keep things tailored and opt for slim silhouettes, like classic straight-leg trousers or elevated joggers. If you feel bold, go ahead and layer it under a blazer to really lean into the retro vibes. Just be sure to avoid any other Disco touches, like a chain necklace, upturned cuffs or flared pants; you’ll end up looking like you donned your Halloween costume too early. Instead, try a delicate pendant or glitzy crystal earrings to keep things fresh.

As for the Peter Pan style, take the opposite approach and pair this dainty neckline with more grounded bottoms, including straight-leg jeans or leather pants. The key here is to balance out the antique or childlike vibes or embroidered lace with something a bit earthier and more modern, like denim or wool.

mockneck trend
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3. mock Neck

Not quite a crewneck, but not a full turtleneck either, this Goldilocks neckline is both elegant and flattering. A mock neck elongates the torso without covering your entire neck, so it won’t accidentally turn you into a shapeless blob even when worn in dark hues like black or navy. And while we’ll always love the minimalist look of the traditional mock neck, ones with ties (either at the front or the back) are also growing in popularity. Look for styles that feature long, loose ribbons in coordinating fabric that can be done up or left hanging.

How to Style It

For a basic mock neck, look for thin knits that are slimmer or more fitted to the body. Then, tuck them into anything your heart desires: skinny jeans, pleated midi skirts, silky joggers or even suit trousers (topped with a matching blazer, of course).

The above also rings true for styles that feature a tie at the collar, but there are a few extra details you should keep in mind. For styles where the tie is at the front, loosely knot it right at the neck and allow the ribbons to hang down, a trick that will slim and elongate your frame. For tops that have the tie at the back, a large floppy bow looks best and adds a fun sartorial twist for passers-by as you walk along.