Is Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose? Try a Nose Warmer. Yes, Really
The Nose Warmer Company

If you’ve ever been sitting around the house and thought, Most of me is so very cozy, but, gee, I wish there was a way to warm up just my nose, then the good news is that we found a cheap solution to your problem. The not so great news? It’s not exactly the most, erm, flattering solution. We are of course talking about the Nose Warmer.

This bizarre hand-knit creation first came to our attention in 2018, but it appears as though people are still rocking the cozy miniature surgical masks, now available in a bunch of new patterns and prints, like Dalmatian fleece and a cheeky red with "Kiss Me" written across the front.

If the concept of a nose warmer is new to you, allow us to explain: This highly specific product is intended to do just as its name suggests—envelop your nose in a cozy cup of fleece, wool or faux fur while leaving the rest of your face to enjoy the crisp winter air. Even more interesting perhaps is the fact that people are really buying and wearing them.

There are a whopping 40 different options to choose from in a variety of prints and colors, and while the company is based in the U.K., they do ship to the U.S. There is a small shipping fee, but at most you’ll only have to spend $12.31 for the most premium nose warmer. And, truly, you can’t put a price on (nose) comfort, can you?

Who knew a product that’s reminiscent of both a present-day surgical face mask and the beaks doctors wore to treat the plague would ever become so popular, but here we are. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, we suppose.

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