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The Surprising Way to Organize Your Closet (and Ease Your Morning Routine)

Why does it always feel like you have a closet full...of nothing to wear? You're a lady with good taste. You shop smart. So why is it such a challenge to cobble together a decent outfit every morning? 

Chances are your current closet organization is slowing you down. Here's a better system.

What you do: Instead of separating your wardrobe by color or item (pants with pants, skirts with skirts, etc.), create sections by occasion. So set aside a designated spot in your closet for office-ready ensembles and another for weekend brunch plans. And another for special occasions.

Why it works: When it comes to getting dressed, half the battle is putting the pieces together. By front-loading the work, you'll always have outfits that you know are appropriate for wherever it is that you're going. Plus, you no longer have to waste valuable time in the mornings deciding which slacks go with which blouse. Or if that dress is a taaad too short for the office. 

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