6 PureWow Editors on the Most Comfortable Bra They Own

Let’s talk about bras. Namely, how hard it is to find one that’s actually comfortable. That’s why we polled around the PureWow office to find out which styles our editors can’t live without. Here, six of our go-tos.

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pepper bra

Pepper All You Bra

Best for: Small boobs

"Let's start off by saying, I'm a 32A. So there's really no need for me to even wear a bra (and TMI, but most days I don't). However, there are the occasional outfits that call for more coverage—tops and dresses where a bralette just won't cut it. I've struggled for what seems like an eternity to find a simple, unpadded, low-cut bra that will work for these times, and quite honestly the search is so much more difficult than what you might expect. That is until I discovered Pepper. These bras are made specifically for women with a smaller cup size, and holy heck—I'm obsessed. They only sell them online, but when I ordered and tried it on, it fit like a glove, and I was immediately sold. I now wear it even when I don't need to. And that's saying a lot." - Angela C.

harper wilde bra
harper wilde

Harper Wilde The Base Bra

Best for: Full coverage

“This bra is so comfy I could sleep in it! It’s super soft, comes lightly lined and provides full coverage without feeling grandma-y. Plus, no seams and front-adjusting straps (why the hell does anyone put the adjusters in the back?!) make this breathable bra the best in terms of price point and fit.” - Roberta F.

aerie bra

Aerie Real Me Full Coverage Unlined Bra

Best for: Unlined

"I used to strictly wear lightly lined demi cup bras, but recently I made the switch to unlined underwire bras. At first I feared it wouldn't be supportive enough but I was totally wrong. These are beyond comfortable and so affordable...I ended up buying six in one trip." - Rachel G.

kmart underwire bra

K-mart Underwire Bra

Best For: Its price point

“This is so embarrassing, but my favorite bra comes from K-Mart and costs $10 for a two-pack. But hear me out: It is really hard to find a plain, full coverage underwire bra with no padding. These guys are true to size and look good and smooth under everything and give tons of support without sucking you in too much. I bought one once in a store and loved it so much I tracked it down online by Googling the number on the tag, then ordered six more.” - Julia Z.

soma bra

Soma Embraceable Full Coverage Lace Trim Bra

Best for: Staying in place

“I love this bra for three reasons: It’s super comfortable, it looks way nicer than a bra that feels this comfortable should look and the straps never slip off of my shoulders (a major plus).” -Sarah S.

thirdlove tshirt bra

Thirdlove 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra

Best for: Big boobs

“There’s nothing worse than double boob: You know, when your bra doesn’t fit correctly and cuts your cleavage in half so you end up looking like you have four boobs? Well, thanks to ThirdLove’s fit quiz, I found out that I’m actually a 34-and-a-half C, which is why my girls never seemed to stay all the way in their traditional 34C cups. Now, I own several of these bad boys. It also helps that my husband thinks they’re super cute, just sayin'.” - Lex G.