9 Chic, Little Black Dress Halloween Costume Ideas

You know how you pull out your black cocktail dress when you have no idea what to wear to a wedding/birthday/holiday party? Welp, she’s just as handy for Halloween. If you’re feeling stumped on a costume this year, consider one of these little black dress Halloween costume ideas. All you need is you LBD...and a few key accessories.

50 Amazing Halloween Costumes We’re Totally Stealing This Year

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1. Holly Golightly

Add: oversize black sunnies, black gloves, a blingy necklace and hairpiece 

Stow your halloween candy in a coffee cup and snack all night.

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2. Ursula

Add: purple tights, a seashell necklace and headpiece 

Eric arm candy optional. 

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3. Black Swan

Add: ballet flats, severe black eye makeup and strategically placed black feathers

Evil ballerina > sweet ballerina.

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4. Posh Spice

Add: smoky eyes, fierce stilettos and an upper arm bangle 

Bonus points for recruiting your pals to round out the squad.

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5. Amy Winehouse

Add: dramatic cat-eye liner, bouffant half updo and fake tattoos 

Girlfriend had serious style.

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6. Cruella De Vil

Add: red gloves, fur coat and a cigarette holder

The best part? You can bring your dog along. 

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7. Coco Chanel

Add: tweed jacket, loads of pearls and a hat or headscarf 

And make sure you memorize her best quotes for added effect. 

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8. Wednesday Addams

Add: pigtail braids, white button-down and black tights 

An oldie but a goodie: The littlest Addams lady is basically the crown princess of Halloween.


9. Carrie Bradshaw

Add: cocktails and your three best girlfriends 

Because naturally, you all forgot to plan costumes this year.

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