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I Dressed Like Céline Dion and That’s It, That’s the Story (with Photos, Obviously)

I recently read in a newsletter that “we’re living in a ‘Célenisance’ and didn’t even know it.” And to that I say: WHERE HAVE Y’ALL BEEN?

You see, Céline is like that lifelong friend I met in middle school and reconnect with every so often, and when we do, we haven’t missed a beat. We’ve been on a long journey, full of ups and downs, ever since my mom bought me a CD of Falling Into You shortly after it was released in 1996. (My mom still buys me her CDs.) My biggest regret in life is not seeing Céline’s Las Vegas residency. (My mom saw it without me, if you were wondering.) I did, however, see her perform a duet with Andrea Bocelli in Central Park in 2011 and cried in public (not new for me, but still notable). I well up whenever she talks about her late husband, René (she is a lesson in grief and grace and resilience). And I watch the “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” video when I need to feel all the feels (I’m a Pisces, after all).

These days, I’m right there to like and share Céline's Instagram posts or download her new music or talk with my friend and concert buddy Taylor about how much we’re willing to spend on tickets to see her Courage World Tour at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn next year (I don’t care, take my next paycheck).

Which brings us to what I—and the world—currently can’t stop talking about: the fashion.

The best part about Céline Dion: Fashion Icon is that she goes for it, with every outfit for every occasion. Céline has always done Céline, from her humble beginnings in Canada to the steps of this year’s Met Gala. And she looks like she’s always having the most fun while she happens to be wearing fabulous clothing. Yet, she doesn’t take the clothes—or herself—too seriously. As many recent articles have noted, she is now, at 51, living her best life. And shouldn’t we all strive for some form of that, whatever it means to each of us?

So, as a person who usually throws on jeans and a tee and calls it a day, I had to investigate. I had to know what it felt like to wear a wetsuit instead of pants (for the record, I hate wearing pants). I had to get inside her head (or at least, her closet). And since a stranger once told me I looked like Céline Dion, I knew I was up for the challenge. That and the whole life-long fan thing.

So without further ado, I present to you: five unforgettable Céline Dion looks, from *that* backwards suit to that time she wore a wetsuit.

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The Look: The Wetsuit and Blue Blazer She Wore Shopping in Paris (2019)

wetsuit look Sarah Jacobs (left); Marc Piasecki/CG Images via Getty Images (right) 

I’VE. NEVER. FELT. MORE. INVINCIBLE. THAN. IN. THIS. OUTFIT. I will now walk into everything—from meetings to Chipotle—as if I were wearing it. The look is meant to turn heads; it’s surprising and fun and unexpected (a wetsuit instead of pants!!!). This look is a prime example that it’s not the clothes you’re wearing, it’s how you wear the clothes. (Someone put that on a graphic tee.) With all my best parts being held firmly in place *insert peach emoji*, the wetsuit created the perfect base to layer on the other pieces needed to pull it off—that sharp blue blazer and my confidence included.

Get the look: Vera Wang sunglasses ($250); A.L.C. jacket ($695); 3.1 Phillip Lim turtleneck via Rent the Runway ($55); Billabong wetsuit ($130); Stuart Weitzman heels ($398)

The Look: The Backwards White Suit She Wore to the Academy Awards (1999)

backwards suit look Sarah Jacobs (left); Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage via Getty Images (right) 

The lesson here is: Don’t look back—unless you’re looking back to check me out in this suit. Kidding (sort of). When Céline wore this bold look on the red carpet, it got mixed reviews. She took a risk. She wore pants in a sea of gowns when it wasn’t as common on red carpets. And she recently told People she has no regrets: “It was avant-garde at the time. And it doesn’t matter, you just have to assume what you wear, you wear, and I did.” Translation: Own it. Feel good about your choices. And that is the exact vibe I felt as I put on the backwards blazer and tiny ’90s sunglasses.

Get the look: Suistudio jacket ($399); Suistudio trousers ($200); Urban Outfitters sunglasses ($18); Stacy Adams hat ($60); ASOS heels ($56)

The Look: The Sweatshirt-Dress She Wore Before a Show (2018)

sweater dress loook Sarah Jacobs (left); Sydney Lopez via Céline Dion (right) 

I live for the looks Céline posts to her Instagram. Then again, don’t we all? This one is a personal favorite. It’s like Ariana Grande but make it Céline Dion. I filed her pre-concert look under “outfit inspiration,” and it was one of the first photos I took out of said file when considering the looks for this story. Of all Céline's ensembles, this one is definitely accessible (as are wetsuits, I can now say objectively). She is all about range and experimenting and changing it up. Couture gowns one day, onesies and "I love Paris Hilton" tees the next.

Get the look: Forever 21 dress ($20); Krewe sunglasses ($275); ASOS fanny pack ($32); Express boots ($88)

The Look: The Gown She Wore to Her First Met Gala (2017)

met gala look Sarah Jacobs (left); Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images (right) 

The headpiece! The high slit! The one shoulder strap over the sparkly T-shirt thing! She made her first Met Gala count and clearly enjoyed every minute of it. I watch this video of Céline about once a week to remind myself that even in the most glamorous, high-pressure situations, she is always completely and truly herself. Channeling that Big Céline Energy is all I needed to make riding up the escalator in my office building as thrilling as walking up the steps at the Met Gala. Plus, showing a little leg never hurt anyone.

Get the look: ASOS fascinator ($16); Gap T-shirt ($20); La Femme dress ($198); Zara belt ($26); Kelly & Katie pumps ($40)

The Look: The Oversize Sweatshirt and Wide-Leg Jeans She Wore on Set in Paris (2019)

sweatshrt look Sarah Jacobs (left); Marc Piasecki/GC Images via Getty Images (right) 

Ah, this look right here. This one feels most on brand for me personally. Céline threw on that hoodie in between takes on the set of a L’Oréal shoot. And damn, with this one outfit, she’s taught me how to elevate a sweatshirt, a key staple in my wardrobe, with some metallic pumps, comfy pants, and a bit of self-affirmation.

Get the look: Baja East sweatshirt via Rent the Runway ($50); Splendid joggers via Rent the Runway ($30); ASOS heels ($56)

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Styled by Dena Silver