Psst: Desigual Is Secretly the Best Destination for Every Type of Coat

There’s no worse feeling than stepping out the door in the morning (when it’s a mere 31 degrees) and running straight into someone wearing the same exact black puffer coat as you. Ugh!

The only remedy? Find yourself some unique outerwear so that no one you encounter is wearing anything remotely similar. While scrolling through Desigual’s website last week, that’s exactly what I found. The Spanish retailer is well known for its off-the-wall bright prints and playful approach to fashion, but I’d never considered it a mecca for cold-weather gear.

But now I must own the velvet XL moto jacket, and it’s probably imperative that I add the shimmering shearling to my repertoire as well. And don’t even get me started on that red hot puffer made from recycled plastic.

Another thing I love about Desigual is that they have a finger on the pulse—and not just with sustainable designs (though they do, indeed, have plenty of those). The company is refreshingly modern when it comes to cultural movements with a focus on diversity and acceptance of everyone—made vividly clear with the brand’s Art Basel experience called “Love Different” in Miami, where a troupe of dancers of all colors and shapes (including Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon) performed a sultry piece of performance art that left them nearly naked on a man-made mountain.

But viral Instagram moments aside, their embrace of individuality is also perfectly clear in Desigual’s pitch-perfect designs, like these seven memorable coats.

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1 ecoalf padded jacket

1. Ecoalf Padded Jacket

As the name might suggest, this is a coat with a conscience. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets that were plucked from the ocean, in addition to used tires and even recycled cotton. But most of all, it’s a super chic hip-length puffer that will keep you warm all winter long.

BUY IT ($456)

2 desigual glitter effect jacket

2. Desigual Glitter Effect Jacket

Classic shearling, but make it glitter? Yeah, that’s a sartorial sentiment we can stand behind.

BUY IT ($290; $145)

3 desigual floral biker jacket

3. Desigual Floral Biker Jacket

If you, like us, are already dreaming of spring, this is one piece to add to your warm-weather shopping list. The mustard shade and floral pattern combine to create one of the most romantic biker jackets we’ve ever seen.

BUY IT ($160)

4 desigual padded turtleneck jacket

4. Desigual Padded Turtleneck Jacket

Not everything from this Spanish brand is delivered with a punch of brightness. If you want a black puffer unlike the others you’ve seen, the subtle pattern in velvet and strategically flattering seams will do the trick.

BUY IT ($240; $120)

5 desigual velvet jacket with badges

5. Desigual Velvet Jacket With Badges

Most oversized moto jackets in this style cost upwards of $600. This one is a fraction of that—and it comes with a smattering of pins on the lapel. Consider it pre-personalized with you in mind.

BUY IT ($326; $163)

6 desigual biker jacket with fringe and studs

6. Desigual Biker Jacket With Fringe And Studs

Did someone say studded moto jacket with fringe? This is the mid-weight outerwear we never knew we needed. In a refreshing shade of white (rather than the go-to stark black), this has the potential to become a cheerful daily staple.

BUY IT ($240)

7 desigual loose double breasted coat with lapels

7. Desigual Loose Double-breasted Coat With Lapels

This supercool print is the result of a collaboration with the esteemed French designer Christian Lacroix. At once subtle and loud, this is way more intriguing than the navy blue peacoat currently hanging in your closet. (No offense.)

BUY IT ($406; $203)

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