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We’re not all cowboy hats and boots around here. But let’s face it: It can be pretty easy to spot a Dallas girl from a mile away if she’s wearing one of these ten fashion choices.

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Ankle Boots

In the “winter,” it can be 65 degrees one day and 40 the next. And the perfect ankle boots can be paired with a sundress or basic jeans.


Chic Workout Wear

We’re not heading home in between spin class, a run to NorthPark and then lunch at True Food Kitchen, so adorable leggings are a must.



Hey, we couldn’t make a list without including some form of denim--this is Texas, after all. Dresses, vests, oversized shirts, you name it, Dallas girls have chambray in their closets.


Fur (Mostly Faux)

What can we say? When it’s 50 degrees, it’s basically the ice age down here.


Cowboy Boots with Dresses

They’re a staple for tailgates, outdoor weddings and ranch weekends, and they will never go out of style.


Mi Golondrina

Dallas-based Cristina Lynch has local girls going gaga over her fashion line that celebrates her Mexican heritage. Each piece is hand-stitched by women in Mexico, and every time a batch becomes available online, it sells out immediately.


Bullzerk Apparel

Everyone owns at least one shirt from this popular Greenville Avenue shop. (You’re only allowed to make fun of Dallas if you live in Dallas, OK?)


The Obligatory Mavs or Cowboys Jersey

Pick your poison. Commonly paired with Chuck Taylors and leggings as pants. Nailed it.

Big Commerce

Monogrammed Oxfords

Those three letters are as vital to you around here as your Social Security number. Plus, these shirts are so darn versatile and make really comfy sleep shirts.


Your Grandmother's Grandmother's Pearls

We’re talking antique strands passed down from every woman in your family and eventually to you. Take them out for special occasions, but protect them with your life.

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