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Winter doggie gear isn’t just about looking cute. (Although that’s definitely a factor.) For short-hair dogs that lack a thick coat, a jacket can keep them from shivering through potty breaks and walks. And any dog can benefit from a pair of boots to protect their paws from the sting of salt on sidewalks. Convinced? Keep reading for five winter must-haves for your pooch.

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coat 2 chicago winter dog gear


A pair of boots will protect your doggie’s delicate paw pads from the cold and, more importantly, the sting of salt. Also, there’s nothing more Snapchat-worthy than the awkward prancing your dog will inevitably do the first time you put them on.

All Dog Boots $45

mushers secret chicago winter dog gear

Musher’s Secret

If your dog doesn’t quite take to the whole boots thing, this cream is the next best thing. Made from non-toxic, food-grade waxes, it coats paw pads to protect them from the elements.

Musher’s Secret $20

coat chicago winter dog gear

Waterproof Winter Coat

Not all fur coats are created equal. For short-haired dogs, such as greyhounds and Weimaraners, can use the extra help of a jacket. Make sure it’s waterproof for days of heavy snowfall or rain.

Foggy Mountain Dog Coats $49

heated blanketchicago winter dog gear

Heated Pad

Ever notice how your dog always finds the sunny spots to nap in? Put a self-warming heat pad in his bed, especially if your house is drafty. The only downside is that he may burrow into your lap less often.

Foster and Smith $45 to $90

sweater chicago winter dog gear


A sweater is another item that will keep your pooch warm in a drafty house. Buy (or knit) one made of durable fibers and make sure the hem ends above the “elimination area”—hopefully we don’t have to explain why.

Pup Crew $15

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