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There’s wayyy more to Chicago fashion than puffer coats. We need to dress for everything from long walks by the lake to rock festivals and glitzy galas. That said, there are some pieces that definitely give away your zip code. Here are nine sartorial signals that scream: Chi-town represent!


A Heavy-Duty Coat

Figure-flattering? Forget it. If a coat wards off the brutal lake effect, we’re all in. OK, bonus points for style, but that’s really not the point here.


A Mid-weight Coat

Ah, nice, this one has a zipper and a fur-lined hood. Good thing it’s cute: we’ll be wearing it till June.


A Leather Jacket

Tough and chic. (Just like our city.) We’d pair it with anything.


10 Kinds of Scarves

Wool? Cashmere? Jaunty enough to pair with a sundress or warm yourself up at a Cubs game? Check, check and check. And that’s a wrap.


Durable Boots

Black Hunter rain boots? Yes, please. Chicago puddles don’t play around.


Ugg Boots

What can we say? We love them. We’ll wear them to run out and grab the paper. And yes, during deep winter you might even see us in them at Alinea.


Bucketfeet Sneakers

But when it’s nicer out, we go for artist-designed sneakers with tons of color. And we’re proud that Bucketfeet is based right here.


Sports-Theme Gear

No way do you not own a Cubs or White Sox cap, a Bears tee or a Bulls windbreaker. If not, you clearly don’t have an uncle who loves Chicago sports.

Maria Pinto

Any Designer FLOTUS Wears

Michelle Obama knows how to dress, and we love how she supports local Chicago designers such as Maria Pinto. Maria, if you’re reading this: We’ll take a custom dress anytime.

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