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This Kooky Invention Makes It Easy to Pee on Your Wedding Day
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Weddings come with a certain amount of pre-existing stressors: Will the flowers wilt? Will the seating chart start World War III? Will you ever get to pee? And how?

Oh yeah, something as simple as hitting the ladies’ room (in a frothy Vera Wang) is a near impossible feat of engineering.

That’s where the Bridal Buddy comes in.

Basically, it’s a slip with a drawstring at the bottom. No one ever sees it beneath your gown, and then when you’re ready to relieve yourself, simply gather your ballgown into the slip and tie it up high, away from harm. (Here, watch it in action.)

This strange (but genius?) little contraption was invented by a woman who, while working in a bridal boutique, was inundated by worried brides’ question of how to go to the bathroom in their ginormous dresses. So rest easy knowing that you can have as many Champagnes as you like (well, before you start roasting all the bridesmaids about Spring Break ’02).

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