‘Boring’ Dressing Is a Trend—Here’s How to Wear It Without Looking Like a Snooze

I’ve lately found myself stalking the outfits of an Instagrammer whose style could only be described as boring. But I mean that in the best way possible. Sandra Sauceda (@filis_pina) is an Arizona-based style star whose go-to look is an oversize sweatshirt in tones of camel or heather gray tucked into a pair of high-waisted pleated trousers and finished off with a simple pointy heel or a chunky sneaker. Sometimes she swaps her sweater for a white T-shirt and a boxy blazer, but simplicity is always key with outfits pulled together by this chic mom of two whose style is so good, it almost feels unfair.

But she’s not alone when it comes to the recent trend favoring clean, minimal clothing, all served up in a neutral color palette. Call it boring. Call it simple, but you have to admit that whatever it is, it looks really good (and it makes getting dressed in the morning a million times easier). So here are five ways to nail the “boring” trend without looking like a snooze.

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Secure An Arsenal Of Basic Tanks And Tees

First things first: Find the best white T-shirt ever. That doesn’t mean the top that costs $500 or is spun out of the finest cashmere fabric; you’re looking for one that fits you the best. Try on quite a few styles—from boxy to cap-sleeve—before settling on your chosen tee and repeat this process with black T-shirts and then tanks in the same two colors. Feel free to also add tan or gray tops into the mix, but once you’ve found the winners, you’re going to want to buy them in bulk.

Get the look: H&M T-shirt ($6); & Other Stories tank ($29); Aries tank ($60); The Row T-shirt ($320)

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Get Yourself An Oversize Blazer

The right oversize blazer for you will teach you just how easy it is to dress up your favorite jeans in one small step. Double-breasted blazers, by nature, will offer a roomier silhouette without drowning your body, but try to avoid prints of all sorts and steer clear of blingy buttons in shades of silver and gold. As long as this topper is clean and classic, you’ll be able to wear it for years to come.

Get the look: H&M ($50); Everlane ($170); Diane von Furstenberg blazer ($500); Y/Project ($1,197)

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Find Jeans That You Can Wear With (almost) Anything

The boring trend favors light-wash jeans in a roomier cut (so yeah, you might want to put your skinny jeans aside for a while). However, a dark wash will do if that’s more your sartorial speed. Keep things feeling minimal by avoiding pre-distressed styles that feature heavy fading and rips of any sort. Think of this as the purest form of denim, so you’ll have no problem pairing it with heels or sneakers. 

Get the look: Levi’s ($98); Frame ($177); Grlfrnd ($248); Goldsign ($295)

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Fill In The Blanks With Neutral Additions

A few other pieces will act like glue for this trend, pulling together your boring wardrobe staples with a flourish. But your shopping list is relatively pared back: Look for loose knit sweaters, a pair of sleek pumps and sensible white-on-white sneakers and a timeless chain strap bag. The beauty of these essentials is that they can be mixed and matched as you please, practically with your eyes closed, so you can get the maximum wear out of each purchase you make.

Get the look: INC International Concepts belt ($35); Converse sneakers ($55); Rag & Bone pants ($225); Michael Michael Kors bag ($328); Toteme sweater ($550); Manolo Blahnik pumps ($665)

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Take It All To The Tailor

You can certainly revel in the oversize feel of your jackets, trousers and sweaters, but they shouldn’t literally be falling off your body. Take your beloved new pieces to a trusted tailor who can nip the waist just so or hem your jeans a half-inch to better show off your ankle. Once your neutral pieces are made to fit, you’ll be absolutely boring—but still, totally chic.

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