No wardrobe is complete without a good white T-shirt. It's a total closet staple that can be dressed up or down and make you feel like a million bucks—whether or not it costs that much. But not all white tees are created equal. Here’s how to pick the best one for your body type.

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If You Have Narrow Shoulders...Try a Crew-Neck Tee

Ladies who are slight up top: Look for a T-shirt that sits on or very close to your collarbone. Crew-neck tees draw the eye out to your shoulders, making your upper body appear more balanced and proportioned.

Get the look: Gap ($10)


If You Have Broad Shoulders...Try a Scoop Neck

On the contrary, those of us with an athletic build should seek out a looser scoop neck, which softly drapes over your shoulders, creating a feminine silhouette.

Get the look: Target ($6)

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If You Have a Large Bust…Try a Subtle V-Neck

The one thing well-endowed ladies should avoid is a high neckline (getting into dreaded uni-boob territory). Instead, opt for a ladylike flash of décolletage to highlight your collarbone. Just make sure the V skims the top of your cleavage.

Get the look: Charlotte Russe ($18)

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white tee pocket
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If You Have a Small Bust...Try a Tee with Pocket Details

Flashy details like patterned pockets might be a bit of a nuisance if you have larger breasts, but smaller-chested ladies should totally embrace them. A strategically placed pocket or bit of text can actually create the illusion of curves.

Get the look: Maison Jules ($30)


If You're Apple-Shaped...Try an A-Line Tee

To win the war against muffin tops, look for a white tee that flows over—not hugs—your midsection. Enter: the non-clingy A-line cut. 

Get the look: Zara ($20)

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If You're an Hourglass...Try a Fitted Tee

The one thing you don't want here is a looser cut, adding unwanted volume to your voluptuous frame. Show off your curvy proportions in a slim-cut tee, tucked into a high-waisted skirt or pants. You also might want to pick a higher neck, since a tight, low-cut T-shirt could read a little too much for everyday wear.

Get the look: J.Crew ($30)

white tee knotted
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If You're Petite...Try a Knotted Tee

This one's a little bit more of a styling trick. Smaller ladies know that too much fabric can swallow your frame, so stay away from longer, tunic-like tees in favor of shorter silhouettes. And since crop tops can often be boxy, consider knotting a regular, slim-cut tee right at your waist to define your shape (or snagging one that's knotted for you). Voilà.

Get the look: Madewell ($40)

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