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Let’s just say it: Gift cards are the best. “Gift cards?!” your Babba gasps. “Who would be so gauche?” Well, turns out, plenty of us. And for good reason—they eliminate the need for gift receipts, and you don’t have to pretend that you actually like the “funky” necklace your aunt found at a boutique in Poughkeepsie. Here, 12 cards perfect for anyone on your list.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

For the New Homeowners: Bed Bath & Beyond

We all have that Abbi Jacobson in our lives. The one who runs to the shopping mecca any chance she gets. Holidays? Better stock up on gift wrap. Sad day? Where those Yankee Candles at? Home makeover? Pulling into the BB&B parking lot as we speak. Don’t fight it; just give in.

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For the Skin-Care Savant: DermStore

Sure, they love makeup. But nothing gets them more pumped than, ahem, pumping out a new morning serum or slathering on that exfoliating overnight mask. Give them the gift of glowing winter skin with a gift card to the one-stop shop.

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For the Practical Shopper: Nordstrom

The department store has pretty much everything they could ever need from home goods and decor to designer finds. But considering the Half-Yearly Sale: Winter Edition hits right after the holidays, so this is the perfect gift for the bargain hunter.

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Foody Direct

For the Traveling Foodie: FoodyDirect

Did they visit New Orleans just for the beignets or wait in line for over two hours to get their hands on a Cronut? Give them a credit to this gourmet site and make their dream of getting a New York-style cheesecake delivered right to their door a reality.

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For the (Wannabe) Beauty Editor: Ulta

If her Facebook feed is filled with new makeup swatches and contour tutorials, help her stock up on the latest best sellers, from the Naked 4Some to the T3 Interchangable Styling Wand.

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Revolve Clothing

For the Instagram Addict: Revolve

We all know the feeling: You spot something your girl-crush is wearing on Instagram and immediately must know where to purchase. Enter: Revolve. This brand boasts their own Instagram squad (aptly named “The Revolve Girls”), who showcase exactly how to wear the brand’s most popular pieces (hello, mustard duster). Your recipient will surely know the deal and praise you for your forward-thinking.

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For the Gadget-Obsessed: Amazon

She uses Alexa for everything from her morning news reports (hi, Good News from PureWow) to her dinner party playlists, and she’s always reading the latest Dan Brown thriller on her Kindle Fire. Give her some ammo to keep that life in-sync.

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For the Investment Shopper: Shopbop

Trends come and go and no one believes that more than this friend. Even if your gift will only make a dent in that buttery-soft leather satchel she’s been eyeing, she’ll appreciate the help. After all, you can’t put a price on a classic.

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The Tie Bar

For the Young Professional: The Tie Bar

Or, you know, all of the men in your life. If he wears ties to work or happens to collect festive socks, he’ll love picking out new pieces to show off all year.

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Urban Outfitters

For Your College-Bound Niece: Urban Outfitters

It might have been a while since we were living that dorm life, but not much has changed. Urban is the go-to spot for everything from cozy knits and room decor to kitschy gadgets and age-appropriate cookbooks.

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Blue Apron

For Your City Friends: Blue Apron

They’re always complaining that they never have time to make dinner, so treat them to a month of easy-to-follow home-cooked meals. (Maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll invite you over to taste-test.)

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For the Homebody: Snowe

Now that it’s officially winter, you know this friend won’t emerge until the groundhog says it’s A-OK. Help them nest with a plush new duvet or fringed throw blanket.

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