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We’ve yet to meet someone who actually enjoys bathing-suit shopping, but here’s the good news: There’s a light at the end of your swimsuit-shopping tunnel. This year there are actually a variety of killer options that address whatever body issue you obsess over. And girl, you look good.


The Issue: Your Stomach

Sure, you can spend a week in boot camp. But it’s summer and you want to be at the pool. All you need is a super-shaping one-piece that will suck you in, flatten you out and have you moving on to bigger and more important things--like that wine popsicle.

Norma Kamali ($88)

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The Issue: Wide Hips

If you have wide hips, redirect some attention upward with an off-the-shoulder flounce design. Like most things in life, the trick here is all about balance.

Swell ($46 top, $53 bottom)


The Issue: Big Boobs

If you’ve been avoiding cannonballs off the diving board, you might want to opt for a sporty top with more coverage--almost like a really adorable sports bra. It’s time to splash some children.

Express ($28 top, $35 bottom)


The Issue: Lack of Boobs

This is an easy fix. Call your old faithful friend Señorita Padding and ask her to come to the pool party ASAP.

Target ($18 top, $15 bottom)


The Issue: Thick Thighs

Go for any type of boy short--patterned or solid. The more substantial the boy short, the slimmer your legs will look. It?s a beautiful thing.

Lands? End ($25 bottom, $41 top)


The Issue: No Waist

Let’s add some length, shall we? Ruching through the middle creates the perfect optical illusion to define your waist.

J. Crew ($118)


The Issue: Your Arms

If your arms are giving you grief, try a suit with sleeves. You will not only come off as agnarly surfer but also get more sun protection at the same time.

Mara Hoffman ($278)


The Issue: Big Booty

Flaunt that derriere, girlfriend. There are only a couple of rules. First thing is you want to make sure it’s getting all the support it needs. Second, make sure that you don’t overcompensate by ordering a size that is too big. Too much material when you are already working with a lot of junk in the trunk is never a good look.

Tavik ($68 top, $62 bottom)


The Issue: Stretch Marks

With a high-waisted bottom, you can cover the stretch marks on your lower abdominal area while still rocking a bangin’ bikini. This cut is all the rage this season, and you can find it in practically any color or pattern. 

Marysia Swim ($145 per piece)


The Issue: Muffin Top

There is no muffin top too terrible that a little peplum tankini action can’t fix. This option from Anthropologie is sure to get you many a compliment on its shape, pattern and girlie colors. Obsessed.

Anthropologie ($78 top, $48 bottom)

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