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Arianna Thomopoulos

Meet the lifestyle blogger navigating the world of digital romance

We all have that one friend we turn to for reliable relationship and career advice—as well as an honest opinion on whether we can actually pull off those culottes. And Arianna Thomopoulos? She isn’t shy about admitting that that friend is her. After years of pals and family seeking her counsel on all things life and love, she soon realized this natural passion for helping others would lend itself perfectly to a blogging career. Thus, The Modern Day Girlfriend was born: her digital community covering everything from dressing for a wedding on a budget to calling out guys who “ghost.” Below, some real talk with Arianna.

On her blog’s mission. “Helping people live their most authentic life on a budget—without sacrificing quality.”

On her random guilty pleasure. “I'm totally obsessed with Alaska shows like Life Below Zero and The Last Alaskans. But I can never watch the episodes where they kill animals—I have to change the channel!”

On how she spends her downtime. “If I’m not writing or being creative in my workspace, I love to spend time outdoors with my loved ones and with animals. I'm also in love with what I do, so I’m constantly gathering ideas for The Modern Day Girlfriend, making lifestyle discoveries and creating dream boards.”

On her one trick for curbing candy cravings. “I keep my sour candies (I have two to three pieces every night) in the freezer. It makes them "harder" to chew, so I’m satisfied after just a few pieces—instead of eating the whole package!”