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Hold the Phone: You Might Be Able to Design Your Own Clothes on Amazon Soon

It’s no small secret that Amazon is checking off to-dos for its plan for world pantry domination—from a package X-ray app to cashless grocery stores to endless TV and movie streaming.

Next on its list: personalized clothing, designed by the customer and made to order. This week, the big A was granted a patent on a new system that would allow the website to quickly manufacture clothing (and other products such as shoes and bedding) according to a customer’s order.

Essentially, you’d select a fabric, pattern, style and size for a garment, then place your order. The system would create the customized clothing using their newly patented technology, and—boom—two days later, your bespoke gingham jumpsuit would be sitting at your doorstep.

Since they're usually pretty hush-hush about new endeavors, it's unclear whether Amazon will build these new systems right away, or if they'll take a few years to get the process up and running.

Either way: a custom velvet robe covered in Britney Spears’ lyrics? It might more than the stuff of dreams, dear friend. 

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