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Look, your Jackie O shades aren’t going anywhere. Why not try something different? Here are the best new shades for your face shape, with frames in every price point. So before you settle on wearing Old Faithful for yet another season, try one of these 20 super-chic frames.

Sunglasses Geometric 618x4452

If You Have a Round Face

An angular frame--one with lots of right angles and straight lines--is what you want to add some definition to a rounder face. This season, there are lots of fun ’80s shapes to choose from, so maybe it’s time to channel your inner Madonna.


If You have a Strong Jawline

If your jaw is wide, but your face narrows toward your forehead, try one of the new embellished styles to draw attention upward to the top half of your face. This is also a great style if you like to rock a statement lip.

square face

If you have a square face

Have a nice strong brow and jaw line? Balance your look with one of the season’s throwback styles, the round lens.

If You Have A Bigger Forehead

Give the new oversized cat-eye a try. Since they’ll be wider than your face, the proportions look divine.

If Your Face is Oval-Shaped

Your easy-to-fit face can take a multitude of shapes, so opt for a vivid lens to play up that tawny warm-weather glow. Damn girl.

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