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Unstainable shirts are now a thing
Go ahead, try to make a mess.

In life, there are two kinds of women: those who can double-fist two glasses of red wine (while doing the limbo) and not spill a drop… and those who manage to get coffee on themselves six out of seven mornings a week.

We fall into that second category.

That’s why we’re tripping over our Tide pens to get an Elizabeth & Clarke blouse--a.k.a. the world’s first unstainable white shirt.

First, the science: The shirts are made using nanotechnology (teeny-tiny “whiskers” 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand) that repels virtually any water- or oil-based liquid spill. Anything that gets on the material is suspended above the fabric and beads off rather than setting in.

Now the fun part: We recently threw on the work-ready “Arden” blouse and got spilly. We squirted ketchup. We splashed salad dressing. We dumped an entire can of Coke down our bosom. (Our jobs are weird.) The verdict? Everything beaded up and washed off, and the shirt remained spotless.

The blouses ($50) will officially launch in August. But the first 500 Kickstarter backers can get them for a cool $40.

You hear that? That’s the sound of your dry cleaner crying.

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