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Raise your hand if you think shopping for dudes is difficult.

OK, glad we’re all on the same page.

This year we’re taking a proactive approach, and it turns out there are options far beyond a box of personalized golf tees. Explore our list of the best gifts to get the man in your life, whether you’re on a mission to cure his chronically smelly shoes or “borrow” his workbag on weekends.


The Custom Kicks

His ancient ?dad sneakers? have got to go. Luckily, the woolen masters at Pendleton have joined forces with NIKEiD to create a line of eight styles ranging from classic Air Max 1s to Flyknit running shoes. (Oh, and P.S., there?s also a women?s line.)

Pendelton x NIKEiD ($130 to $185)


The New CarryAll

He may miss his ol' knapsack when you hand him this sleek and structured leather briefcase. But he'll quickly thank you after he gets that 2015 promotion.

Coach ($650)

The Hundreds

The Modern Swiss Army Knife

No man uses his Swiss Army knife. But every man carries one. Give him the upgraded version with Kaufmann Mercantile?s Every Day Carry Kit. This one has precision tweezers (for you) and a waterproof lighter (which doubles as an awesome party trick for him).

Kaufmann Mercantile ($54)

Westward Leaning

The Mirrored Shades

Sure, his Ray-Bans will always be a staple. But maybe he?s ready to experiment with something a bit more fashion-forward (yes, please). Introduce him to Westward Leaning, the budding San Francisco-based sunglass company. Its brand-new Voyager frames feature a retro circular shape and a rad reflective lens.

Westward Leaning ($195)

Oak Street Bootmakers

The Grown-Up Shoe Trees

He probably has about six of these in his closet already. But we’re going to bet that none of them smell of cedar or came with shoe cream and a buffing brush made from Brazilian horsehair. Just think of how much money you’ll save on air fresheners.

Oak Street Bootmakers ($40)

George Frost

The Baller Cuff

Hey, did you know that your favorite purveyor of vintage-inspired jewels now has a male (well, unisex) counterpart? We are currently crushing on Lulu Frost?s George Frost collection and think we?ll snag this cuff bracelet for our start-up-faring brother (but then secretly steal it before he flies back to SF).

George Frost ($228)


The Minimalist Wallet

Overstuffed wallet, be gone. It's time for him to pare things down. He'll command respect when he pulls out this simple and refined card case at his next client meeting.

Coach ($75)


The Anti-Fuss Grooming Kit

He doesn?t need a six-step process, but a little pomade couldn?t hurt. Give him this timeless grooming set that covers the fundamentals (i.e., shampoo, conditioner and one versatile hair gel).

Baxter of California Hair Essentials Kit ($59)


The Foodie Cookbook

You occasionally catch him flipping through your copy of The Joy of Cooking, but Grandma’s meatloaf seems a little dated for his taste. This year, give him a copy of Saveur: The New Classics Cookbook. Then sit back and anticipate Sicilian veal Parmesan with provolone and basil.

Amazon ($26)


The Puppy Portrait

He’s your man’s best friend (wait...and yours too!), so why not solidify his place on the mantel?

Dimdi (from $38)

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