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Before you say hats aren’t for you, hear us out: 1) They dress up any look in an effortlessly chic way. 2) They say you are confident and know what’s on trend. 3) They hide a bad-hair day like you wouldn’t believe. 

Ladies, your answer to the season’s must-have accessory is a Panama hat by Goorin Brothers.

Their collection of genuine Panama hats (which are--fun fact--named after the Panama Canal export route and not the country) is handwoven in Ecuador from toquilla straw and stamped with a seal of authentication. Our favorite is Goorin Brothers’ classic Blue Notes hat, a unisex model shaped after the traditional men’s style.

The local milliner also stocks fedoras, floppy sunhats and cloche-influenced looks that feel more feminine and less Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.

Cool new hat? Check. Now all you need is that perfect vacation to go along with it.

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