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We’re fanning the flames of a trend we’ve spotted on fashionable women out and about: the bolero hat. Whereas previous seasons were all about swooping fedoras and floppy ’70s hats, this fall fashionable headwear has a flat crown, a razor-straight brim and a stiff body made of wool felt.

Boleros dramatically frame the face and hair. Here are some styling tips to pull off this dramatic yet wearable look.

Start Small

Want to ease into a more constructed hat? Start with a modified boater with a narrower brim. Wear it at a rakish, sideways angle.

Similar style by Free People ($68)

Tip It Back

Unlike with fedoras, you want to wear the bolero pushed up off your forehead. Ideally, the brim forms a sort of halo around your head. 

Hat Attack ($80)

Go Casual

In Los Angeles, you don’t have to wait for cool weather to wear a wool hat--don it with short sleeves and sunglasses. 

Hats by Westerlind ($89)

Get Deconstructed

An edgy version of the bolero is topless, to be worn over just your locks or a headscarf.

Hat by Brookes Boswell ($175)

Lighten Up

The bolero’s clean, straight lines are especially attractive in lighter shades like winter white or cream.

Similar style by Brixton Buckley ($98)

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