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This summer, we?re readying a "go-bag." It?s stocked with the 8 items you need for a weekend away. Here, our picks, all courtesy of new online shop (and travel site) The Reed, from the Los Angeles-based author of Tomboy Style.

Pants Start with your favorite pair of jeans and a pair of shorts like these from Mollusk ($65), inspired by vintage Patagonia hiking shorts. 

Tops You?ll need a cool T-shirt ($39), a French sailor?s-stripe, three-quarter-sleeve top ($125) and a coverup like this rainproof poncho ($380) that?s made for Japanese firefighters but looks like something Diana Vreeland would have worn back in the day. 

Accessories Don?t forget a Panama straw hat ($200) for sun shade and a canvas boat tote ($265) to sling over your shoulder.

Shoes Sabahs, handmade leather flats ($190) from Turkey, feel like slippers but wear like Doc Martens.

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