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The $7 sunglasses you need this spring
At these prices, it's no tragedy if you lose them at the beach

After scratching or losing all those expensive sunglasses, we?re done with spending a fortune on everyday shades. Instead we?re opting for stylish, super-affordable ones from Knockaround. (And we?re pretty sure they look just as good as a $250 pair.)

These San Diego-designed sunglasses are remarkable not only for their good looks--glossy tortoiseshell frames, candy-colored lenses, classic pastels--but also for their super-lightweight construction. (This means no marks on the bridge of our nose.) Plus, the quality impact-resistant, polarized lenses reduce glare from water, windshields and car windows.

The kicker? They?re mad cheap! (Basic black pairs start at $7 and most cost about $20.) Order a handful to stash in your glove box, the kitchen junk drawer, even the guest room for forgetful out-of-towners.

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