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Flight crew uniforms are notoriously drab. But uniforms created by some of the fashion world's most well-known designers? Anything but. Last week, Delta announced that fashion darling (and Michelle Obama favorite) Zac Posen has signed on to breathe life into the airlines's tired crew uniforms. The unveiling is a long way off (Delta said 2018), but we've rounded up five airlines that have more recently upgraded their cabin look.

christian lacroix air France

Christian Lacroix for Air France

The cabin crew is now beyond chic in all black with a big red bow cinching the waist.

vivienne westwood virgin atlantic

Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Atlantic

Richard Branson tapped the anti-establishment fashion icon to refresh Virgin’s look. The result: a figure-hugging silhouette in the airline’s signature red hue.

martin grant qantas

Martin Grant for Qantas

The Melbourne native made an inventive use of color-blocking on this form-hugging sheath. (As modeled here by Miranda Kerr.)

prabal gurung ana

Prabal Gurung for All Nippon Airways

Japan tapped the hot young designer to add a subtle flair to the airline’s gray, blue and pink color palette.

kaufmanfranco american

KaufmanFranco for American Airlines

Design duo Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco went all-American with a comfy charcoal cardigan and belted suit dress.

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