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Once a super fashion-forward trend, the jumpsuit has now become as much of a closet mainstay as a trusty pair of skinny jeans. But for any remaining "Can I pull it off?" skeptics, hear us out. They’re actually a lot more flattering than you might think.

Here, six ladies of very different shapes going for it.

Jumpsuits Petite

If You're...Petite

The cropped ankle is essential. Otherwise, you might as well be wearing footie pajamas.

Jumpsuits Tall

If You're...Tall

Jumpsuits aren't exactly a pain point for you, but we would advise against a teeny romper (risking any potential booty-short situations). Sneakers and culottes, however, are A-OK.

Jumpsuits Athletic1

If You're...Athletic

Wide-leg bottoms create a feminine silhouette and perfectly compliment a muscular frame.

Jumpsuit Plus Size

If You're...Plus Size

Every body type take note: Belts and vests take this look to an entirely new (awesome) level.

Jumpsuit Boobs1

If You're...Curvy on Top

Anyone with big boobs knows how difficult it is to find a spaghetti-strap top that doesn't look inappropriate. The key: high cuts and drapey silhouettes (nothing too tight).

Jumpsuit Thighs

If You're...Curvy on Bottom

Want to minimize your thighs? Look to a solid-colored tapered pant that's a little roomy around the hip area and slims down at the ankle. 

Jumpsuit Baby

If You're...Under Five Years Old

Harem pants for all!

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