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It’s no longer enough to have a beautiful handbag. These days, the style is to have it customized. Lady Gaga wrote a message to her Tokyo fans on her purse, while little North West fingerpainted all over mommy’s Birkin.

Enter DTLA Custom, a new Los Angeles outfit that will take your beloved leather or PVC piece and, with your input, paint on a permanent image, stripe or initial.

Here’s a look at some of their recent work—and how celebs are rocking their own custom bags.

DTLA Custom

Vuitton Vixen

The best custom bags have a sense of humor.

DTLA Custom

Hot Stuff

Carrying a white bag emblazoned with a matchstick is enough to signal that you’re sizzling.

One of a Kind

Kanye took a video of daughter North painting this Hermès Birkin bag and presented the clip to Kim along with the purse. Oh, that over-the-top husband of hers…

DTLA Custom

Circus Circus

Maybe you’re a Republican. Maybe you just like pachyderms. Only your DTLA Custom-painted bag knows for sure.

Performance Anxiety

Lady Gaga wrote how much she loved her Japanese fans in Sharpie all over her white Birkin.

DTLA Custom

Glamour Puss

Hey, cat eye.

DTLA Custom

Flight of Fancy

This one’s subtle. Can you spot the balloons?

Eye Candy

How fun is this Anya Hindmarch bag?

Stripe It Rich

Careful with your customizing habit...