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If you so much as occasionally glance at Pinterest, you've been subject to an image or seven of Olivia Palermo. And for good reason: The New York socialite always looks on point. But how does she do it? We dissected a few of her best outfits--all in the name of dressing better ourselves. Take notes.

OliviaPalermo Leather

Incorporate Edgy Pieces in a Ladylike Way

If you're hoping to test out something as loud as a studded leather jacket, make sure to pair it with demure pieces, like this crewneck sweater and sleek pencil skirt. It lets you push the envelope without going overboard.

OliviaPalermo Denim

Dress Up Tomboy Pieces with Heels

The prior logic also applies to menswear trends like the chambray work shirt. Feminine accessories (in this case, lace-up sandals) balance out the overall look.

OliviaPalermo Flats

Tone Down Revealing Outfits with Flats

Take a French-girl approach to miniskirts and babydoll dresses and keep your accessories low-key.

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OliviaPalermo Vest1

Invest in Classic Statement Pieces

If you follow Palermo close enough, you'll notice that she's a big fan of recycling pieces. Here, she layered a heavy workwear vest atop a sleek envelope skirt.

OliviaPalermo Vest2

And Then Re-wear Them Often (in New Ways)

If you put your money toward items that layer well (as opposed to, say, a single dress), you'll get more bang for your buck.

OliviaPalermo Red

Re-Think Your Errand-Running Outfits

Fact: A breezy sundress is just as easy to throw on as a pair of sweats. And contrary to the prior point, you don't have to spend a lot of money on these types of pieces. (We hear this little number came from ASOS.)

OliviaPalermo White

Go Monochromatic--But with a Little Interest

One of the oldest styling tricks in the book is to choose a single colorway. But take after Palermo and tweak it slightly by incorporating a subtle print.

OliviaPalermo Patterns

Mix Patterns in the Same Motif

Admittedly, this is a tough trend to pull off. But if you're going for it, make sure to pair complementary prints. Say: small gingham with larger gingham, thin stripes with thicker stripes, faint animal spots with bold brushstrokes.

OliviaPalermo Military

Appreciate a Sleeve Roll

And not just in your button-down shirts. You can give a jacket new life, too, simply by scrunching the sleeves. (And bonus points for leaving the bottom layer long.)

OliviaPalermo Bomber

Focus on Quality Textures

Satin + sweater knit + leather = just heaven.

OliviaPalermo Proportions

Balance Proportions

A voluminous top needs a slim bottom (and vice versa). Simple as that.

OliviaPalermo Wedding

Wear Whatever the Hell You Want

One thing Palermo does best is owning her tomboy aesthetic (best illustrated by her wedding sweater). If you're comfortable in your own skin, your outfit will be far more memorable.

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