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We know you like to think of yourself as the most stylish woman to ever walk the streets of NYC (well, maybe second to Iris Apfel).

Hate to break it to you, but fashionistas have been turning heads in New York for the last hundred years.

Ready to have your mind blown? Here are the most amazing street-style photos from 1900 to 2016.

NY StreetStyle List1
Business Insider


Hmm, those hemlines don't look horse-poop resistant.

NY StreetStyle List2


Don’t you dare go shopping on Fifth Avenue without a hat.

NY StreetStyle List3


Flapper fab.

NY StreetStyle List4


Let’s bring roller-skating in Central Park back. Preferably in wide-leg pants.

NY StreetStyle List5


And parasols. Can we talk about parasols?

NY StreetStyle List73
Nina Leon


Hmm, should we tell these '50s fashionistas Washington Square Park is haunted? Nah.

NY StreetStyle List7.5
Joel Meyerowitz


Someone hurry up and invent helmets.

NY StreetStyle List8
Paul McDonough


We knew they had short shorts back then, but Juice Generation?

NY StreetStyle List9
Christopher Morris


The subway was kinda scary in the '80s, but at least this full-length trench was on point.

NY StreetStyle List10


In '90s NYC, you weren’t anyone unless you were chilling with Chloë Sevigny in Washington Square Park.

NY StreetStyle List11
The Huffington Post


And in the new millennium, you weren’t a true New Yorker unless you saw Mary-Kate (and/or Ashley) Olsen on their way to class at NYU at least once.

NY StreetStyle List12
New York Daily News


And who runs the city streets today? One word: Beyoncé.

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