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Bra shopping is the worst, and chances are you're sporting something that doesn't fit properly. Instead of having an awkward encounter with a pushy saleswoman wielding a retractable measuring tape, why not do it all online?

Enter True&Co., the custom online bra shop. Fill out the “Fit Quiz” in the privacy of your own home. Once you hit submit, you’ll be shown a personalized selection of bras based on your answers. Pretty cool, right? (You can also take it one step further by visiting True&Co.’s Try-On Truck at ModCloth Union Square through January 24.)

And because we love you, we tapped founder Michelle Lam for some of her best bra know-how. Here’s what she had to say.


1. Most women are between industry-standard cup sizes. Are your breasts fully encased by the cups, along the bottom, sides and cleavage? If you’re busting out anywhere, you’re in the wrong bra. Either consider a full-coverage cup or go up a cup size. 

2. If your bra hurts in the center, the wire may be hitting your sternum. Go for plunge styles where the wires are placed much lower on the chest. You’ll feel the difference immediately.


 3. Push-ups are nothing to be shy about. Do you notice a gap between your breast and the top of your cup? Whether you’ve had kids and are seeing the effects of gravity or your chest leaves a little to be desired, try giving yourself a little boost. A subtle push-up creates a natural curve instead of a va-va-voom look.  

4. Never wear the same bra two days in a row. Sweat and spandex don’t mix. Let your bras breathe between wearings and you’ll prolong their shelf life. Wash them after every three or four wears using this genius trick

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