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Yes, it’s getting cold out there. But we refuse to pull out that puffy winter coat until it’s absolutely necessary. Here to help ease us through fall while keeping the whole “looking presentable” thing intact: Kit & Ace.

Newly opened in the West Loop, the store specializes in “technical luxury” apparel. That means the clothing is designed for active folks who need their wardrobes to transition from day to night. (This sure rings a bell for us, as much as we believe in a good costume change.)

The whole collection has a clean, pulled-together look, and the pieces are made with high-end fabrics, including a machine-washable cashmere. But there are two pieces in particular that really have us fan-girling. The French-terry Kemble bomber ($368) has a loose, slouchy fit that would be perfect for a casual night of sipping boozy floats at Wyler Road. For a more elegant evening--say, at the opera --we’d love to ward off the chill with the oversize Olivia wrap ($328).

821 W. Fulton Market; 844-548-6223 or

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