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Jared Leto (actor, rocker, hair god) has a new title: Fanny-pack enthusiast.

Back in October, MTV brilliantly discovered the 43-year-old?s unabashed love of American Apparel?s $22 belted bag (which he obviously carries as a clutch on occasion).

Then as of last week, voilà: He?s selling them on his personal site as ?hip packs.? The difference? An embroidered symbol (à la Prince) and ten extra bucks.

Ohhh, it?s for his band 30 Seconds to Mars, you say? Nope. Leto?s got his own line of branded merchandise.

Take a moment to let that sink in. Yeah.

He may be effortlessly causing fishtail-braid envy the female population over. But never forget who Jared Leto is deep down: a dude who really just wants to accessorize his leggings.

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