OK, this is the moment when you put aside any “yeah, yeah, another celebrity fashion line” skepticism, remember that Reese Witherspoon is a freaking national treasure and take a peek at Draper James.

Instead of slapping her name on any old Kmart-licensee situation, the Hollywood A-lister went big by launching a multi-category lifestyle brand all her own. And it’s actually pretty cute--not to mention made almost entirely in America.

Let’s shop her best pieces.


Magnolia-Printed Pants ($225)

Fun fact: Witherspoon is a Nashville native. So the entire line revolves around feminine, Southern prep. If gingham shorts and a cardigan are your go-to look, you’re in luck.


Wicker Handbag ($250)

As if you need to ask…almost all bags can be monogrammed.


Statement Pearls ($125)

By now you’ve realized things are a wee expensive. But again, this is not your skimpy Kohl’s fast fashion. These studs, for instance, use glass pearls, crystals and a 24-karat-gold finish.


Southern Cocktail Napkins ($85)

Now to the all-important hostess gift: These embroidered linen napkins (from Savannah, Georgia) win.


Customizable Julep Cup ($85)

Cocktails. Flower arrangements. Whatever your pewter-loving heart desires can go in this baby.


Sassy iPhone Case ($40)

Need we say more?

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