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Few fashion trends are as daunting as the sheer blouse. First, you have to master your undergarments. (Bra versus cami.) Second, you have to finagle what you’re actually going to wear with it. (Jeans versus pencil skirt.) We have some thoughts on how to pull off the look like a lady.

1. Forget about your bra and opt for a cami. Let’s be honest, you’re never going to sport a sheer top with just a bra. (You’re not Beyoncé.) Instead, look to the trusty camisole--one that has thin spaghetti straps and fits snug but ever-so-slightly loose. Anything too tight and it’ll ride up your waist; anything too large and it’ll create bulk. (It goes without saying that the sheer top should be loose and drapey.) Then, color coordinate as closely as possible--like the cami came with your top, not like you’re wearing a men’s Hanes tank.

2. Pair them with skirts and high-waisted trousers. Pro tip: Sheer tops look best when tucked in. Skirts are a no-brainer, but high-waisted trousers are also a nice option. Leaving your blouse hanging loose (over, say, jeans) makes your camisole that much more obvious and has a greater risk of looking sloppy.

3. Master the art of layering. Like we’ve said before, a sheer blouse is sexiest when it’s a hint, not a statement. So it really shines when nestled under blazers, moto jackets and those trendy workwear vests. (Or, for one untucked instance, peeking beneath a chunky sweater.) It’s the greatest supporting player in your whole closet. Let it do its job right.

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