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An Awesome Way to Clean Your Disgusting Rain Boots

So you got caught in a torrential downpour--stuff happens. Now, though, you're back inside with nothing to worry about but de-frizzing your hair and cleaning your dirt-caked rain boots. An easy way to get them nice and sparkly? Treat them like pots and pans. Seriously. 

What you need: A dishwasher.

What you do: Remove the inner lining of your rain boots and set them aside. Then lie your boots horizontally on either rack of the dishwasher (one on the top, one on the bottom). Run as usual, just don't set the machine to dry (you don't want melted boots, after all). Remove and let air-dry completely before you store or wear them again.

What you don’t do: Put them in the dishwasher with your plates, cups and silverware. For obvious reasons, these babies should get a cycle all to themselves.

Happy puddle jumping.

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