How to Store Your Winter Staples

Until next season, sweaters and boots

You might be rocking your new lace-up flats and transitional jacket, but you must take care of those expensive winter pieces before you store them until next year. Here’s how to prep and pack sweaters and boots.

Sarah Sarna

Clean Your Sweaters...

You should dry clean these bad boys before storing them. Any food, bacteria or perfume lingering on the fabric or wool will attract pests (i.e. moths). And give them a good de-pilling while you’re at it so each piece is in top shape.

Then Store Them Like This

Make sure to store clean sweaters in air-tight plastic containers that seal properly to keep pests and moisture out. (We opt for clear so we can see exactly what each box contains.) You can also throw in a few lavender infused cedar sachets ($8) for added moth protection.

Remove Salt Stains From Boots...

Be sure to remove the salt from your shoes at the end of the season. If you leave it, the salt can erode the leather as they sit there until next winter.


Then Store Them Like This

For tall boots, use boot shapers ($15) to help keep the form, or, for a quick and easy trick, cut a pool noodle into quarters and place a piece in each boot. Stuff short ones with tissue paper to keep their shape. If you want to store them in a box, then wrap each shoe with an inexpensive piece of felt to protect the material before placing them in an air-tight plastic container ($19). (Again, we prefer clear so we can see what’s in it.)